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Cooking Time/Temp Chart

Cadillac Cookers Time Chart

Type of Meat Number of Hours Meat Internal Temp
Ribs (3 & Down) 4-5.5 Hours 170-180 degrees
Baby Back Ribs 3-4.5 Hours 170-180 degrees
Boston Butt 8-12.5 Hours 170-180 degrees
Pork Shoulder 10-14.5 Hours 170-180 degrees
Turkey 7-10.5 Hours 170-180 degrees
Chicken (Whole) 5-6.5 Hours 170-180 degrees
Chicken (Half) 4-5.5 Hours 170-180 degrees
Beef Briskets 6-8.5 Hours 145 Degrees(Rare)
155 Degrees(Medium Rare)
165 Degrees(Medium)
175 Degrees(Medium Well)
180 Degrees(Well)

**The cooking times above are an approximate estimate. Cooking times will vary with product size, weight and starting internal temperature.

**Internal temps should be taken with a meat thermometer only. Insert thermometer into the thickest portion of the meat. Do not touch the bone or meat racks with the probe as it will affect the reading