Why Cadillac Cookers Rotisserie and BBQ Smokers produce the best meat TIME AND TIME AGAIN !!

What most rotisserie smoker builders and BBQ smoker builders do not understand is that there are several “Key Elements” to fabricating a a real BBQ Smoker that produces EVEN TEMPS, GREAT SMOKE PENETRATION, and last but probably the most important, the same FANTASTIC TASTE and TENDERNESS every time you use your Rotisserie Smoker. We at Cadillac Cookers do many hours of research and testing to find the perfect combinations on our bbq smokers to come up with new and better ways to make our Rotisserie Smokers The BEST and most up to date units on the market. One thing that we have done that most builders do not is find the perfect fire box positioning.

The reason this is so important is because without the firebox welded in the correct position many problems will occur, for instance, very uneven heat, grease fires, loss of heat resulting in over fuel usage, etc. Another problem the other builders have not figured out is Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). This is the most crucial point to producing the BEST meats. Most potential buyers of Rotisserie Smokers do not know that Cadillac Cookers Rotisserie Smokers all run at 1.8 RPM while our competitors run at 1 RPM.

The problem with 1 RPM is the fact that the bottom of your meat will be much darker than the top unless you flip and rotate every couple of hours, most of your heat goes straight from your firebox right to your smoke stacks and out of the smoker, smoke from your wood follows the heat straight out the stacks not letting it penetrate you meat for that perfect smoke ring, and again uneven temps. We at Cadillac Cookers have learned that increasing the RPM of the Rotisserie Smoker solves all of these problems.

The revolution increase and our downward rotating shelves causes the heat and the smoke to be pushed down by your shelves and your meat instead of going straight out the stacks. This means the heat and smoke make a full rotation before they can be exhausted resulting in even temps, great smoke penetration, and maximum fuel efficiency (coals,wood,propane etc.)Our RPM increase also causes a swirling effect of the heat and smoke making both follow the meat around the smoker much better than 1 RPM Smokers this is the key reason that our customers are giving Cadillac Cookers Rotisserie Smokers AWESOME REVIEWS saying our smokers produce a better product than they ever have been able do in the past with the other leading smoker builders.

Thanks for reading and be sure to go to our Product reviews page to see for yourself what people are saying !!!!!

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