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Product Reviews


Brett Carr

We just bought the Cadillac cooker on a trailer this past week from joe and what a great piece of equipment. It’s the first rotisserie we have used in several years and I remember how great they are. The wedding we catered last night went flawless. The meat cooked perfectly. The chicken was juicy and the brisket had the perfect amount of smoke! This product I can’t say enough about. Tremendous amount of cook space and I love the hold temperature feature. We will be purchasing another very soon. Thanks joe for the quick turnaround time in receiving our smoker! Love it!!!


Mark Anderson

In December 2011, I bought a 3660 Cooker, and it has been great. I own a BBQ Reastuarant in West TN and have been voted Best BBQ every year since. I have cooked 500,000 lbs of meat on this cooker, that should tell you the quality of cooker Cadillac cookers build. My business has grown so much, I had to buy a bigger cooker and without any question it was a Cadillac Cooker. I bought a new commercial edition cooker, I can cook twice the meat and get the same smoked taste. This cooker is without a doubt the best commercial cooker on the market. Thanks Joey and the gang at Cadillac Cookers for building the best quality cooker.

Mark Anderson
Big Daddy’s BBQ


Timo Wiemero

I ordered a Dayton gear motor through eBay and the shipping paperwork showed that it came from Cadillac Cookers. I’m been really impressed how well this motor works. Last week we roasted a 128 pound hog and had no issues. It turned it quite well.

Also, I’m impressed how your motor plate system works. It’s genius! By chance, I made a similar system for taking off and on the spit chain. All I need is the limit switch so I can make it work!

Keep the iron hot for new products!!!

I would recommend the Cadillac Cookers to my friends!

Tom Payne

Bought one of your smokers 6 years ago . If I had to buy another smoker tomorrow it would be one of yours. I have done everything from competitions and done well and this thing is still working like the day I brought it home . I fire this thing up almost everyday . My hobby turned in to a living ,FAT BOYS B B Q Lincoln il


Pat Frederick - Danky's Bar-B-Q

I come from 5 generations of farmers and butchers. When I decided to get into business I did a ton of research to make sure that I found the perfect smoker…. I did right here with Cadillac. The problem I noticed was that most of the competition all had one thing in common… NO smoke penetration. Not with Cadillac,this is the best commercial smoker I have ever seen. My Cadillac commercial edition smoker is a bad boy. I definitely have the best Bar-B-Q in the valley thanks to a little help from my friends at Cadillac Cookers.

Joe- Thank you so much for your real time assistance seeing us through every step to make sure that we were on the track for success! As we expand we will definitely stay loyal to Cadillac.


Danky’s Bar-B-Q
Phoenix AZ


Lee McGucken

Joe, sorry I didn’t get to meet you when I picked up my smoker your guys took good care of me! The Commercial Edition Smoker is outstanding! Everything we have smoked on it has turned out great and our customers have given us rave reviews! If your looking for a great smoker this is it, extremely well built, we are very pleased. We could not be happier, if your looking for quality a great price and craftsmanship this is it!!

Lee McGucken
Big Mac’s BBQ

Joey Adams response:

Thanks a lot Mr. McGucken!! We do our best to build the best Rotisserie Smokers anywhere. Other Customers who buy our Commercial Rotisserie Smokers are giving us the same feedback. Great smoke ring and great smoke penetration and those who have been using Southern Pride or Ole Hickory Rotisserie Smokers are saying the Cadillac uses less fuel and produces a much better product!! We appreciate you and your family and wish you Great Success in the coming years!!

Jim Harrison

I bought the Cadillac Cookers CC4815 Stainless Commercial Smoker and received it about two weeks ago and Have cooked on it 8 times after seasoning. I was concerned about going from a stick burner to a Commercial Gas unit with wood burner box because a buddy of mine has a Southern Pride and he Cant get Good smoke penetration in his meat. Joe assured me that he had solved that problem in his smoker by increasing the RPM’s and lowering the smoke stack to a lower position. I admit I was skeptical but once i used it I was Amazed at the perfect 1/4 inch smoke ring and awesome smoke flavor, even better than my stick burner. I now have orders for 108 turkeys and the list is growing. Thanks for the awesome Smoker it has made my life much easier. Thanks Jim


Billy Jolly

Chuck and I have only had one problem with the Rig. We don’t know whether we should use it or just set it up as a Trophy!! What a Beautiful job that you and your staff have done.The attention to detail is beyond pictures!! There is no doubt that you have put your heart into the building of Quality Pits and Trailers. We look forward to showing off and producing some really good BBQ for our guests. We are sorry that we did not get to meet you but we do not think this will be the last time we do business together. Cadillac Cookers are truly Cadillac’s…Please extend our gratitude to all your staff.

Joey Adams Response:

Billy and Chuck, thank you so much for the great review. As you know we as a Company who takes pride in our production can tell a potential customer that we have the best smoker out there but some have never actually seen them in person and are skeptical about ordering something they have only seen in pictures. However, they will believe actual customers like yourselves who have ordered from a picture and understand the pictures do not do them justice. You are great people and we look forward to doing business with you in the future as we watch your business GROW!!!! Thanks a MILLION…….Joe

James Guess

Ordered a totally custom smoker back in feb, from Cadilac Cookers, Joe had to literally redo all of his cad format
For the plasma cutter, of coarse this took some time and thought, these people really pulled this off, Just smoked
80 Butts, it took 10 hrs low and slow, they turned out perfect , I could hold the temp at 250 without the gas assist.
I ordered the gas system just in case I need it although I prefer hardwood and lump charcoal, because this is what
We had built our business on and the Cadilac Cooker offered what I was looking for. Joe Adams had admited that this
Is the Largest Smoker they have built to date. 54 inch drum x 72!! With 10 large racks, sweet Smoker. My wife and I
Own a resturuant that moves 1400 plus lbs of pulled pork in three days, this is what we were looking for. The name of the resturuant is Jim’s Smokin’ Que in Blairsville Ga.


Matt Cromer

Dear Joe, It’s been a couple of years now I believe since my wife and I recieved our 4860 cooker. I have become quite busy doing a quite of bit of cooking for all types of different parties, and I have yet to hear one bad comment towards the food, and have never had an issue with any temperature control problems, or any hot spots! The cooker continues to impress, I have made one upgrade to the cooker and wanted to share it with you and everyone else! I will try to get pics loaded as soon as I can, but I designed a fold down table that folds down flush with the shelf on the side of the cooker. The table is attached to the storage area by brackets that simply allow it to fold down when you need it, and fold right back up to travel! The table is approx 3 ft by 3ft, and just allows for a bit extra working space! Not trying to tell ya how to do anything, just wanted to maybe give ya a couple new ideas! Any way Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!


Chuck Bankston

Joe and staff,I want to thank you for building such a fine smoker.I have cooked for Churches,baseball programs and alot of our friends and everyone loves the smoked meats.I love the temp control and the way all the meat turns out so juicy and tender and everyone who sees the cooker loves it,i pulled it to north Arkansas and cooked for a bible school and had many comments on how good the food was,one man who loves bbq said it was the best he had ever eaten. Thanks again

Chuck Bankston
Oak Grove Louisiana



Oh my goodness! He was absolutely beside himself – he didn’t know if he should laugh, cry or dance a jig. So he did all 3!
He keeps saying it’s his dream come true and has to pinch himself to make sure he’s awake!
The day after he got it and seasoned it, we had a “christening” party and he piled on over a hundred pounds of ribs, tri tip, brisket, wings and whole chickens. Despite doing this on a bitterly cold 7 degree day with 40 mph winds, the beautiful new smoker held a perfectly steady 225 degrees for 9 hours start to finish. Everything turned out picture perfect and received rave reviews.
Once again, I want to thank all of you, especially you Miss Laura, for your amazing customer service! From helping to identify the best unit for our needs and picking out each of the best options to enhance it, all the way through the custom build and wrapping up with you going out of your way to get it to us by our deadline, you have been a dream to work with. Special thanks also to our awesome delivery guy Dale. He was so courteous and caring and, 1000 miles later, got our unit to us ahead of schedule. Once here he made sure we were well versed in the care and keeping of our new smoker and then was on his way back to your shop for the next delivery!

Working with you folks felt like we were part of the family and we appreciate all that you did to help make my husband’s dream smoker become a reality! Thank you all so much!

I’ve attached a few pics of the reveal of the perfect Christmas present and that first “test run” feast a day later.

Thanks again – we love it!

Joey Adams Response:

Thanks for the Great Review!! We do our best to make sure everyone is happy. When our customers are as Great as your family is it makes it easy!!

Karl & Brenda

We recently purchased a cooker from Joe and it is simply amazing!! When we ordered the cooker, we had no idea that it would turn out so great! Even better than we expected!

The cooker pulls very smooth on the highway just as you stated that it would Joe. I seasoned the cooker per your instructions and the racks and grates turned a beautiful golden brown color. Today, we threw several boston butts, ribs, chickens and sausages on the cooker. Cooking at 225 degrees and all with different cooking times, the meats turned out with an amazing smoke taste while turning the meats into a mouth watering delicacy. Though that was our “get to know the cooker” practice run, the cooker is amazingly simple to use (following Joe’s instructions) and does all of the work for you.

Using a cooker from Cadillac Cookers, there is no need to babysit the cooker while it does it’s thing. As for the reviews from onlookers, they were simply in awe while looking the cooker over. On our way home from picking up the grill from Joe & his crew, people would pull along side us and just stare at the cooker. Once stopped, we were constantly approached by curious people asking questions about the system. Of course, I gave them Joe’s name, website and business phone. One of the persons that we were approached by stated that he was a welder and had been building bbq grills and cookers for nearly 30 years, though, he had never seen anything like the custom cooker from Cadillac Cookers. That says a lot about the quality work that the good folks at CC’s produce. As for Joe and his crew – they are a team of Good People! It is not everyday that you do business with someone (company or otherwise) and they make you feel like part of the family. My wife and I enjoyed the trip up to CC’s – though, we enjoyed talking with Joe and his team more than the road trip itself. They are truly good people that are producing top quality cookers! It was sincerely a pleasure to have met Joe and his team! Thanks guys! Keep up the good work and God Bless!

Joey Adams (Author)

Karl and Brenda, It was a true pleasure to meet you guys in person. I have yet to meet a better couple in my life to date. You all really felt like family and we wish we could have had more time to visit with you and your wonderful wife !! We would also like to thank you for you service to our country in the United States Army Special Forces in Afghanistan. I know you lost a lot of good friends and that will always be on your mind but keep your head held high because you and your fellow soldiers are the reason we are still FREE!!!


Bruce Dowdy

Hey Joe. Bruce from Florida. Everything is going GREAT! Over 1200 lbs. of meat and nothing but GREAT REVIEWS! My quality has become PERFECT EVERY TIME I cook. 40 Butts this weekend. 30 turkeys and 12 Butts last weekend. Thanks Again…….Bruce Dowdy

John Holder

I just hauled my Cadillac down to Kemper Arena for the 33 Annual World Series of BBQ, Oklahoma Joe OPen. I am please to announce that out of 535 bbq teams, my team took 70th in chicken and 77th in sausage. My Cadillac Cooker was the apple of everyone’s eye it seemed like. Joe did a beautifal sign for me and everyone wanted to talk about my pit. Not only is this pit a great conversation piece, I cooked over four hundred lbs. of meat this weekend with absolutely no problem. If you look at some of the top pits out on the market, really nothing compares to a Cadillac. Why would you not wnat a rotisserie smoker? It is the most even cook, you do not have to shuffle meet like you do in an offset, and there are absolutely no hot spots. Thanks Joe and crew, we could not have done it without our Cadillac!!!


Bruce Dowdy

Joe, additional comment for owners and future owners of a Cadillac Cooker. I went to the local auto parts store and purchased a full size, STANDARD CAB, breathable truck cover. I put the cab part over the grill section and it fits almost like a glove. The larger grills will need to purchase the full size, EXTENDED CAB truck cover. I bought the three year warranty cover on sale for $60.00. A great investment even though my grill also says under a covered carport.


Bruce Dowdy

I received my 3660 grill on my custom trailer approximately two weeks ago. I had the new gas assist option, the ash pan, the custom charcoal grill, one cajun burner with lid, second axle, two additional feet added to the length of my trailer and powder coating added to my grill. I regret none of my additions. This is a grill that is designed to be around for awhile. Take the time and spend the money to have the grill built to your needs (or wants).

After seasoning the grill, I started to cook numerous meats. I have cooked butts, hams, half and quarter chickens. I have cooked country style and baby back ribs. My only issue I experiences was learning to open the stacks to let some smoke out. I had more smoke penetration of the meat then I could have ever believed.

The other issue was now I had to go and deliver all the meats I cooked because I just kept cooking due to the ease of the grill. I enjoy smoking more than ever and am ready for all my cooking events to begin. I thought it might take a while to learn this grill but the grill is set up to have you load the seasoned meats, sit in a rocking chair, and then unload. It’s that simple.

I spent the afternoon with most of the staff during the afternoon and witnessed the shop operations. The guys and gals enjoy their work and like seeing a finished product. Understand the staff is busy and it might take some time to get back with you. Laura and Joe will guide through your build. I can only tell you to order what you want or you will wish you had ordered the options forever.

I am very glad I had a lid added over my Cajun burner and the two feet extension addeded. These are not advertised options I requested and Joe took care of my request at a very reasonable price considering these are not normal additions and had to be designed in to the grill.

My average cook is 16 to 40 butt cooks and I have no worries since receiving my grill. I know I will have more time to rest or mingle at the events knowing the Cadillac Cooker is doing the work. Most cooks I do is for charities and do not charge. The new smoker’s ease might just have caused me to reach out to more charity venues.

Thanks to the staff of Cadillac Cookers for their personal and professional attention they showed me during my trip to Missouri. The grill’s new home location is in Central Florida on the Spacecoast and I am willing to show you the grill, just get with Laura or Joe and they will provide you my contact information.


Brandon Thomason

I purchased a 3660 with gas upgrade in may of 09 and use it every day. I normally smoke 24 8# butts and 8 racks of baby backs daily. With the same results every single day. Now after that much use i am convinced that this was a very good buy. I am now in need of some upgrades though. Looking forward to a slow time i can be without my smoker to get them done. I might just be in the marker for a 4896 soon. Joe and staff have been very helpful when i needed a new motor for mine (the gears went out while cooking one day, there was a batch of bad gears but that was all taken care of by the mfg) Joe got me a replacement right away.
Thank you,
Brandon Thomason
Lil Buddies BBQ
Wayne City Il.


John Holder

I picked up my baby just before the Fourth of July and this thing is awesome! Not only was the staff down at Cadillac extremely polite, they were knowledgeable and helpful in letting me know about my new cooker. After speaking with the owner Joe, I found out these guys put in a crazy amount of hours into their product and it shows. I saw some of the team signs in the shop, so I decided to order one. I just got it in today and it it is ten times better than I ever hoped for. I wish I could post a pic of this bad boy. I named my team Devil Dog BBQ. As a former Marine, I want to show my pride not only for my favorite branch of service, but also for the men that came before me. Joe has helped me to do that in grand fashion. When you get down to brass tacks, this smoker, in my opinion provides the best cook on the market. A good pittmaster can cook on anything, but it sure makes constest day go alot smoother when you do not have to worry about the temps falling or hot spots- this smoker handles both of those problems with ease! This smoker is a hit down in the South and it is my intent to help them spread the name up here in KCMO, because I believe in this product. In two months I have donw 9 whole chickens, 3 (10lbs) briskets, 25 slabs of ribs, a 14lbs. Turkey, 25 chicken thighs, and a few cords of smokes sausage. My new smoker is a hit with the neighborhood, they are always asking me to smoke somehting for them! My father in law tells me everytime he walks by he thinks its fired up and his mouth start watering. I appreciate Joe’s expertise in keeping with a traditional feel, with a modern touch. These boys are on to somethin’ fellas!

Joey Adams Response:

Thats AWESOME !! Thanks for the Great Review! Good luck in the ROYAL. We will try to be there to provide our support. Thanks again,
Joe Adams, Owner Cadillac Cookers


Ken Castles

We purchased model 3672 and had it delivered May 26 2012. This smoker was used on May 28th from 6 am to 9 pm and everyday since (7 days a week, 15 hours a day) without any problems at all. It cooks like nothing else I have ever used. Our restaurant has become an instant success with our Cadillac Cooker! Thanks to all of you who had a hand in making our smoker. Ken Castles Candy Mountain BBQ Company


Joe O'Neal

Just wanted to post on here I bout my smoker from joe three or four years ago and ive used it almost everyday since i bout it. It is the best thing Ive ever bought. You guys make a great product keep up the good work!! By the way joe I will be needing a conversion kit pretty soon, how hard is it to put in myself?



Joe what an awesome work of art I am extremely pleased with my BBQ trailer/ smoker. I look forward to doing more business with you all in the future.

Thank you Matt B.

Joey Adams (Author)

Thanks Matt, its customers like you who make Cadillac Cookers the leading BBQ Smoker builder in the country!!


Brian Singleton

I would like to thank everyone at Cadillac Cookers for our great smoker. I took delivery here in the Washington DC area about a month ago, and could not be happier with the design, build, and most importantly, the food results we have gotten from our cooker. My first use of the cooker was for a party of 150, and I got rave reviews for the food. Just as important, I was able to handle the whole party start to finish with just one other person, and two additional hands for about three hours during serving. All the meat was smoked to perfection, and there was plenty of room to smoke the beans and sauce as well. I have smoked butts, ribs, brisket, chicken, whole turkeys, homemade sausage, ham, you name it my short time with the Cadillac, and have been having a ton of fun doing it. Thanks again!


Tony Walker

I have had my 3660 for about 9 months now and I must say… I LOVE THIS SMOKER!!! Pulled it from Missouri to Alabama and never knew it was there, it pull’s GREAT. I have cooked countless times on it and it is fantastic! Great smoker, turns out a great product, holds good stable temperature. Customer service was excellent. I was a little leary being that far away and just looking at rotisseries online. Fear NOT, this smoker is well worth the $$$.


Bob Wescott

I have used the unit for many church functions and every one asks what I did to improve my Pork Butts ( it was just the cooker ) every thing comes out more moist and a better flavor and deeper smoke ring . I am a happy BBQ er .


Mark Anderson
I just purchased the 3660 Rotisserie Smoker and it is the best smoker on the market. I own a family operated bbq place in West Tn, been cooking with direct fire, on concrete and metal pits all my life and this smoker will give me the same hickory smoked flavor and save me time and money. The Smoker is everything Joe says and more. Joe and the crew at Cadillac Cookers take pride in the workmanship and are great people to work with. Thanks Joe and crew for making my job easier and serving a great product. Mark Anderson Big Daddy’s BBQ



Greetings from California!
Hi Joe, Dale, Mike, Laura and the entire crew of Cadillac Cookers! What a fantastic start for our business as we have been using the 4872 model. This cooker is an awesome monster and I see our company outgrowing this “little monster” soon. The temperature holds very well and the motor works fantastic. We smoked Ribs, pork shoulders, briskets, sausages, links, bbq bean, chicken breasts/thighs/wings/drums, whole chickens…the list is endless. We’ve just competed in our first event at the OC bbq Bonanza in Fountain Valley, CA (met the Mayor of Fountain Valley, Larry Crandall) Gained alot of recognition locally, appeared on local television and a local cable network! I requested the camera man to zoom in on Cadillac Cookers to get you guys some air time! =) We were given the opportunity to cater for a launch party for Guinness Beers’ “Black Lager” two weeks ago at the request of Tony Moreno (West L.A. and Orange county distributor) to setup at Beauchamp Distributing Company in Compton, CA (Mr. Beauchamp personally came out to witness and thanked us for hauling our rig to his parking lot because his entire staff was buzzin’ about us), will be vending at the Long Beach LobsterFest this week and OctoberFest in Long Beach, CA at the end of this month! Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for us! We really appreciate it over here at bolsabbq.com. My bbq rig is amazing and it never seizes to amaze everyone who see’s it. We’ll be in touch!


Pete Vanbeek

It was Charlie Strack. He is the owner of a large hunting ranch.

We have been friends for 30 years and when they wanted to build the “Man Cave” at the main lodge they asked me what I would recommend for a smoker. I have never purchased from you before but have been smoking food for 20 years.

I knew rotisserie was the way to go so I researched many sites and specifications before choosing Cadillac Cookers.

I have personally cooked on their pit twice now (they asked me to come up and show them how) and the results were good. I know you get many nice comments from clients but I can tell you that when you can cook a wild pig and make it come out better than anything you have ever cooked before- that is saying something. Really.

We did 2 pigs (quartered), 1 wild turkey, 1 regular turkey, 8 whole chickens, beef ribs and countless sausage. All at the same time.

I also did quail breasts wrapped in bacon. These stayed on for 1 hour then finished over the grill to crisp the bacon. The flew off the plates.

In summary: Appetizers, snacks, main dinner course and lunch were all done on the same day with the unit.

You have done a remarkable job throughout the design and I offer my congratulations.

I look forward to seeing the new burner design as described on your site.

Yours Truly,

Pete Van Beek


Scott Tefft

Bought my Cadillac Cooker on Ebay. Joe contacted me immediately and helped me make the custom changes to my grill to fit my business. My wife and I drove the smoker from Sikeston to Massachusetts at highways speeds and drove beautiful. Ive spent the past 2 weeks refining my recipes and bbqing procedures to fit the 10 shelf rotisserie with their new gas air convection system. I am very pleased with the new grill and have put my Lang 84 up for sale! Thank you Cadillac Cookers!



I put an order in on a new prototype 4X4. I took a trip up to Sikeston to see Joe and the gang to see first hand what this pit is all about.No need to go there unless you want to meet some great people and see an awesome pit. Glad to know team Cadillac Cookers know and can’t wait to get my new pit.

If any current Cadillac Cookers owners have any tips on how to do the weekend corner of the road sales spot and make money please share with us up and coming Cadillac Cookers owners.


Kevin Davis

Thanks Joe,

I got my 4860 in May of this year, I wanted to run it through the summer before making any comments. It never fails that the smoker draws attention, and comments, not only from the people at the event, but also passers by! But, it is at the end of the day when they all come back around to rave about the product that says it all!

Pros: Pulls so easy, and rides so smooth you can hardly tell it is there. Low wood usage. Very consistent product. Attention getter. Well built, with great craftsmanship.

Cons: None really, could use a manual with tips, FAQs, suggestions, recommended maintenance, etc. even if it is an online pdf. Also a Cadillac owners forum so we can trade ideas, share experiences, and learn from each other.

Question: Can I use the rib racks on the top stack rack of my 10 rack 4860, or will it not clear the bottom of the other racks? Should I just order them off your ebay site, or get them direct, or does it matter (are they the same?).

Thanks again,



Greetings from California again!

This past weekend was our best event ever! BolsaBBQ vended at the Long Beach Lobster Festival and sold out of food not once….but twice! Channel 4, NBC stopped by and we were interviewed by Gordon Tokumatsu. http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/forget-maine-lobster-fest-hits-long-beach/1d2tnddx2?from=

I didn’t make the claim, “One of the world’s largest rotisserie smokers.” Gordon reported that to draw in the large crowds that helped us sellout. Thanks Gordon!

Thanks Cadillac Cookers! We’ll be in touch soon.

Kenny Tran



Greetings from California!
Hi Joe, Dale, Mike, Laura and the entire crew of Cadillac Cookers! What a fantastic start for our business as we have been using the 4872 model. This cooker is an awesome monster and I see our company outgrowing this “little monster” soon. The temperature holds very well and the motor works fantastic. We smoked Ribs, pork shoulders, briskets, sausages, links, bbq bean, chicken breasts/thighs/wings/drums, whole chickens…the list is endless. We’ve just competed in our first event at the OC bbq Bonanza in Fountain Valley, CA (met the Mayor of Fountain Valley, Larry Crandall) Gained alot of recognition locally, appeared on local television and a local cable network! I requested the camera man to zoom in on Cadillac Cookers to get you guys some air time! =) We were given the opportunity to cater for a launch party for Guinness Beers’ “Black Lager” two weeks ago at the request of Tony Moreno (West L.A. and Orange county distributor) to setup at Beauchamp Distributing Company in Compton, CA (Mr. Beauchamp personally came out to witness and thanked us for hauling our rig to his parking lot because his entire staff was buzzin’ about us), will be vending at the Long Beach LobsterFest this week and OctoberFest in Long Beach, CA at the end of this month! Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for us! We really appreciate it over here at bolsabbq.com. My bbq rig is amazing and it never seizes to amaze everyone who see’s it. We’ll be in touch!



B.J. Terry

I just wanted to thanks Joey and the boys for all the hard work and extra time that they had to put into building my massive 48 x 84 Cadillac Cooker! This thing is a beast! I took alot of extra fab work to fit it on the back of my concession trailer and they found a way to get it done. I have been cooking on this new pit since the begininng of July and the end result to my BBQ has been wonderful! Hands down Cadillac Cookers are the best! I am able now to cook twice the amount of meat each week with half the amount of wood and with very little effort on my part! Thanks again guys for the BBQ Pit!


Garry Crockett

Hello Joe, I just wanted to let you know I have enjoyed smoking with the 48×60 smoker. Everything we have put on the smoker from bakedbeans, potatoe casserole the meats we have cooked has been great. Just a short story to tell you, after we got off the interstate from the trip to pick the smoker up a gentleman followed us home just so he could look at my smoker, He was amazed by what he saw. Just wanted to say thanks for spending the time and making a quality cooker.



Joe, just wanted to comment on the 3660 that we picked up a few weeks ago, using this cooker was the best. It held temp all day from 7:00 am untill 6:00pm and everyting came out great from the chicken to the ribs to the brisket. This is a great cooker, you and your crew do outstanding work.

Dale Dennis
Buddys BBQ


Tommy Shugart

Joe thank you all for such a quick response on the motor. Great pit and great customer service Thanks so much Tommy Shugart


Matt Cromer

Hey there Joe, It’s only been four days since the delivery of my 48 by 60. Cooked whole chickens and brisket the day after seasoning the cooker, And I was completely in awe at how the awesome the cooker held the steady temp. Gave the chickens away to people around town. Had four phone calls that very nite saying it was the best chicken they ever ate, And they would like me to cook at some parties. You guys are truly great people to do business with, And couldn’t be happier with such a great piece of well built equipment. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!


Ken Bruce

Joe, Thanks for such a OUTSTANDING product. We have done several jobs for 400 to 500 people. The cooker makes the jobs much easier. As soon as I can talk “Her” into another one we will be making a road trip to Sikeston, Mo.




I have been cooking on the pit since I got it around Christmas. Man, it doesn’t matter what I cook it turns out GREAT! The pit design is amazing. I originally got it to help my church raise money for a new building but people have been calling and ordering from me all the time. So, I may just start a side business. I have cooked brisket, pork butts, ribs, turkey, ham, sausage, and chicken. All have tasted outstanding. You and the rest of the staff have been very helpful. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again!


Tom Payne

Got one of your cookers last year with the intention of just messing around on weekends with my friends and family.now it has turned into an every saturday business that is making me 400.00 to 600.00dollars and i am only open 4 hours.anyone can smoke like a pro in no time flat with your smokers.I alsowon second in chicken first in pulled pork and won the peoples choice award in my first competition.come on up to Lincoln IL. and check us out. Tom Payne FAT BOYS BARBEQUE


Dominic Durham

This smoker is awesome. Very well put together truly a cadillac of grills for sure… thanks guys


Alan Riffe

Attn: Joe,
The Cadillac Cooker is a great piece of equipment, or business is GROWING as fast as we can keep up with it. Everytime we cook our customers RAVE about the meat that comes out of the rig. We’ve been cooking bigger and bigger parties and now we need to order the stack racks.

Thanks For The Great Piece of Equipment
And Great Service Alan


Jim Goonan

Joe was a pleasure to work with. Communication was great, and he answered my many questions. We were very impressed when we received the smoker and had it fired up to season immediately. Had it cooking for a hundred people the next day and it was the best food we have ever produced. The smoker is solid and very well made. With the company sign attached, our guests and hungry crowds are in awe at the specticle of hundreds of pounds of meats slow cooking in our rotisserie. We couldn’t be happier with such a great purchase.

Thank you again Joe!


Ed Quinn

It has been an Absolute pleasure doing business with them. Being in business myself, it a treat to be treated with such a professional and caring attitude. Now the good part, the cooker, whoa, i have been smoking for years but with a nicer gas smoker, and always wondered what it would be like to use a professional unit like this. I assure you i was flabbergasted of the ease of use, the professional construction and overall well thought out layout of my unit. They certainly have done their homework. I have had it now for 4 days and have used it three times, all of which have produced excellent results. One problem, my neighbors are absolutely bumming out, i try to share as much as i can, but you know how it goes open the gate little and before u know it you have a stampede, lol. I could go on and on, these are the real deal, and i couldn’t be happier. Good going Joe, and keep up the great service and craftsmanship.
Yours Truly


Chris Christensen RENT-A-PIT USA

Joe, Just picked up the Cadillac “Big Boy” 48×60 from the St. Paddy’s Day event/parade held in “Dogtown” in
downtown St.Louis. Fed over a thousand people. When I picked up the cooker to take it back home, I asked
the event operator what he thought about the cooker. He said it was the “Best damn cooker that they have
ever used and people were writing down our phone number to rent the cooker all day long”. As I pulled away
with the cooker in tow people started to applaude and placed their hands toward the ground and bowed down
as the cooker drove past , screaming and yelling like the Big boy was a celebrity. I personally have never seen
anything like that, it was really cool.

I know that I made the right choice in selecting Cadillac Cookers as the only cooker for RENT-A-PIT USA.

p.s… if anyone needs a Lang 84 deluxe, I have one for sale …won’t be needing it any longer.


Tom Nunley-Terrible Tom's BBQ

Joe and the gang,

I just wanted to tell you that your rotisserie smoker is the bomb!!!

I am sorry that I am so late in writing this but I have been so busy cooking on the unit I have hardly had time.

Within 3 weeks of picking it up and towing back to Ohio (it tows great by the way) I had to do a BBQ chicken fund raiser for our youth shooting team the weekend following July 4th. I was able to cook 170 chicken quarters to perfection. I have the 5 foot model. I have since done ribs, pork butts, pork loins, and pork tenderloins. They all have turned out better than I have ever done.

I set up on a busy corner one Saturday afternoon and make $400 just selling ribs and chicken. At this rate the unit will pay for itself before year’s end!

To anyone considering one of Joe’s cookers you won’t be disappointed! I have had many people look at this rig and all are amazed at how heavy duty the unit is for the price! Also the craftsmanship is outstanding! The welds look a bead of caulk! I don’t believe you can find a better unit for any amount!

This unit is truly capable of high volumes! Add rib racks and stack racks and you can feed a lot of people. With stack racks you could get 250 quarters of chicken on the 5 foot model! The rib racks will let you cook 48 racks of ribs and still have room for other things! The warmer box makes this a true catering rig for the fraction of the price!

Once again thank you for a fine cooker and the hospitality you showed my son and me when we came to pick it up!

Best regards,

Tom Nunley
Terrible Tom’s BBQ
Uniontown, Ohio


Chris Christensen

Rent-a-Pit USA

I just wanted to let you guys know I am ready to order another pit in the next week. Presently I own the
Big Boy and the tandem hog cooker and will be needing one or two more Big Boys and maybe a caster model
48×72. Since using your cookers, I have totally eliminated my Reverse Flow cookers, and as you know I have
purchased directly from the “big boys in the BBQ world” in the past. Just want you to know, that your cookers are quite honestly better and I get more return on my investment. Here’s a short rundown on one of my Big Boy cookers that I rented.

Greekfest, Swansea Illinois 48×60 Big Boy= fed 2000 people over 3 days and earned $11,000.00
$9,000 profit for the Greek Church.

Electrical Workers union picnic = 102 pork steaks at a time 400+ served. Comments were “best food they had
ever cooked at their event”

village of Shiloh, Il annual Picnic fundraiser = 600 kabobs and over 400 Brats. Comments “unbelievable cooker
almost no work involved, Best tasting food, will be renting again”

March 17th, St. Paddy’s Day Dogtown St. Louis…Big Boy is out on rent again. Hotdogs/brats to serve several
thousand people at the event. RENT-A-PIT USA.

As you guys know, I don’t buy ANY junk. Joe and all the guys in Sikeston make a excellent cooker and well worth
the cost. My goal is to have you guys help me design the ‘RENT-A-PIT’ special as we are planning on francising
RENT-A-PIT nationwide and have chosen Cadillac Cookers as our exclusive pit and design team.
All the best, look for a call and order in the next few days. Pleasure doing business with you.

Chris Christensen


Brent Urton

Cadillac Cookers Crew,

I would like to convey a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to you and your staff on the production of such a fine product. My wife phoned me with the first order to be cooked on the unit as my father and I were seasoning it, just two days after bringing it home! The first cook could not have been more successfull. We loaded the cooker
a (36X60) with 94 lb. of boston butt, 10 lb. of leg quarters, 4 racks of baby back ribs, and 5 bone prime rib roasts.
There was still plenty of room for more, but this was an excellent mix to evaluate the Cadillac Cookers performance. The night of the cook was cool and damp, about 50 degrees F, but the cooker held its heat like a CHAMP, The heat was so consistant that i never had to turn or reposition any meat during the entire cooking process ! Having only previously cooked on offset firebox units, this was a pleasant departure from the usual rotating and repositioning of the meat, which seemed to be a recurring event throughout the cook, to say nothing of the battle of keeping a fire going!
Thanks again for the high quality product ! I wish your company every success in the future !

Peace, and God Bless !
Brent Urton
Holy Smokers BBQ
Newark, IL


Scott & Kathy

Joe and crew, I just wanted to let you know how much we love cooking on the 3660 Rotisserie Cooker we purchased from you last year (December 2009). First of all we picked the cooker up from your shop and headed back to Minnesota, it pulled great just like you said it would no matter how fast we drove. Since then we have cooked a lot of product on our new cooker. WOW, what a difference from the cookers we were using before. It cooks so consistent, no hot or cold spots. With the new smoker our meat turns out better than ever before !!! Just wanted to say thanks for building such a great product,

Scott & Kathy Lyon
Blue Earth, Minnesota


Mike Weirauch

We have had our smoker since December and have used it when weather permitted. This is a precisioned instrument that holds a constant temperature without any help. The finished product is better than anything I was ever able to produce in the past. The only way anyone could get my smoker away from me is either steal it or I trade it in for a larger Cadillac unit. You build the perfect smoker and “it ain’t broke so don’t fix it!” I am one happy barbequer!

Joey Adams Response:

Than you so much Mr. Weirauch, meeting you and your family was truely a great experience. When we delivered your smoker we were treated with amazing hospitality and we instantly felt like part of the family. I don’t think I have ever met better people in my life! Thank you for the GREAT REVIEW !!!!! (Next time you are in the area please stop in and see us and we will do the same!)


Tom Smith

The Smoker is great ! I seasoned it last Sunday at 250 Degrees for six hours. It holds heat great and doesn’t burn alot of wood. I couldn’t be happier. Also the rib racks are awesome. I’m also probably going to have you make a sign for me.

Thanks for your help. A thousand thanks for the pit ! You guys are making pits that are way above and beyond Southern Yankee Smokers, and I’m not just saying that.

Thanks Again, Tom Smith


Fred Barlow, VP, Holmes Foods, Inc.

We here at Holmes Foods recently purchased the 4860 to use for company functions and community fund raisers. We have yet to cook a huge feast on it but our small test run was absolutely marvelous. Beautiful design, elegant workmanship and easy to use. We look forward to seeing just how much chicken this “Big Boy” will cook. This was a great investment for our company and our people.

Thank you, Joe, for your hospitality, customer service and professionalism. We look forward to doing business with any company that shows your kind of professional courtesy.

God Bless You and Your Team.

Joey Adams Response:

Thank you very much Fred, and don’t worry it will hold alot of chicken !!!