Proof that Cadillac Cooker Rotisserie Cookers are #1

Mark Anderson

In December 2011, I bought a 3660 Cooker, and it has been great. I own a BBQ Reastuarant in West TN and have been voted Best BBQ every year since. I have cooked 750,000 lbs of meat on this rotisserie cooker, that should tell you the quality of cooker Cadillac cookers build. My business has grown so much, I had to buy a bigger cooker and without any question it was a Cadillac Cooker. I bought a new commercial edition cooker, I can cook twice the meat and get the same deep smoked taste. This cooker is without a doubt the best commercial rotisserie cooker on the market. Thanks Joey and the gang at Cadillac Cookers for building the best quality cooker.

Mark Anderson
Big Daddy’s BBQ

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