Commercial Rotisserie Smoker “Customer Review” Cadillac Cookers Rotisserie Cookers

Customer : Jon & Naomi Lederman

Hey Mr. Joe!

           We have our first official event for Hawg’s Trough BBQ on Sunday for the Superbowl!! Cooking for 70 folks. We did a test run tonight, Did a number of meats to get the feel for them. They all turned out like you said, “RIGHT’! Its Ridiculous how good the meat turns out on this rotisserie smoker. My wife loves to take pictures so we will get some good ones this Sunday and send them to ya’lls website with a review. Can’t wait to call you with an order for 2 more rotisserie cookers! We cant thank you, the guys in the shop, and especially Ms. Laura for taking great care of us!!! Be in touch soon- As always,

Kindest Regards,  Jon & Naomi Ledderman

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