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Cadillac Cooker Commercial Rotisserie Smoker, Best Price, Best Smoker

     Our new Commercial Rotisserie Cookers are getting Great Reviews. From the very low propane or natural gas consumption to to the incredible smoke penetration, Cadillac Cooker rotisserie smokers continue to impress those who have used other companies units like Southern Pride, Ole Hickory and many others. So far with only producing the CC4815 in  our Commercial Rotisserie Smoker Division the reviews have been overwhelming. With that said, we have decided to release two additional Rotisserie cooker models, the CC6015 and the CC4818. The new CC6015 is built exactly like the CC4815 but all 15 rotisserie smoker shelves are 12 inches longer giving you a total of 17.5 more square footage. Giving it a overall cooking area of 78.5 sq,ft. This Commercial Rotisserie Cooker model will be great for medium to large restaurants. Now the New CC4818 commonly referred to around the shop as the Rib Master because of its 18 inch wide shelves. Ribs can be positioned on the 15 shelves from front to back giving you a total rib capacity of approx. 100 sides. This Commercial BBQ smoker is also great for Briskets, Pork Steaks, Chickens or any other smoked meats that need to be smoked in large volumes. With 82.5 sq, ft, of cooking area this unit is a great size for any restaurant or even outdoor catering company. We at Cadillac Cookers have proven ourselves in the industry and will continue to provide out customers with the best Commercial Rotisserie Smokers and Competition Rotisserie cookers available in the market. Give us a call and our staff will be happy to help you decide which Rotisserie Cooker will meet your needs.



Commercial NSF Compliant Cadillac Cooker Insulated Rotisserie Smoker Stainless Steel !!!

You asked for them, NOW THERE HERE!! The all NEW Cadillac Cooker Insulated Commercial Rotisserie Cookers and Rotisserie Smokers. From all the testing we've done on these units they are super efficient and produce a great smoked meat just like our Round Competition Rotisserie Cookers.

That has been a problem for a long time with the Square Commercial Grade Insulated Rotisserie Smokers like the Ole Hickory and Southern Pride. Through Testing and Research we have produced the Perfect Commercial Insulated Rotisserie Cooker. What we did was Lowered the Rotisserie Smokers exhaust port to keep the heat in the top 20 inches of the smoker and increased the rpm's to 1.8 instead of the industry standard of 1 rpm.

We have also added an optional Light that is located above the front doors to help in low light conditions, and our super popular Spring Mount Motor Plate option. The Smoke Ring our new Commercial Insulated Rotisserie produces far succeeds any other Commercial Smoker builder that I have used. We also use NSF approved cooking shelves so these units will meet FDA standards for kitchen equipment.

The Rotisserie cooker shelves are removed easily for cleaning each shelf is capable of carrying a load of 300 lbs. A Comparable Unit Built by Ole Hickory (The EL-EW which is $16,000.00) Ours has a larger burner, heavier gauge steel and more cooking area ( 0ver (9,200 Sq, Inches) Call us TODAY at 573-475-9109 and we will be happy to help you find the Commercial Insulated Rotisserie Smoker that is right for your Patio, Business, Competition or Recreational needs.

Thanks From The Crew at Cadillac Cookers