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Proof that Cadillac Cooker Rotisserie Cookers are #1

Mark Anderson
In December 2011, I bought a 3660 Cooker, and it has been great. I own a BBQ Reastuarant in West TN and have been voted Best BBQ every year since. I have cooked 750,000 lbs of meat on this rotisserie cooker, that should tell you the quality of cooker Cadillac cookers build. My business has grown so much, I had to buy a bigger cooker and without any question it was a Cadillac Cooker. I bought a new commercial edition cooker, I can cook twice the meat and get the same deep smoked taste. This cooker is without a doubt the best commercial rotisserie cooker on the market. Thanks Joey and the gang at Cadillac Cookers for building the best quality cooker. Mark Anderson Big Daddy’s BBQ

Commercial Rotisserie Smoker "Customer Review" Cadillac Cookers Rotisserie Cookers

Customer : Jon & Naomi Lederman

          Hey Mr. Joe!

           We have our first official event for Hawg's Trough BBQ on Sunday for the Superbowl!! Cooking for 70 folks. We did a test run tonight, Did a number of meats to get the feel for them. They all turned out like you said, "RIGHT'! Its Ridiculous how good the meat turns out on this rotisserie smoker. My wife loves to take pictures so we will get some good ones this Sunday and send them to ya'lls website with a review. Can't wait to call you with an order for 2 more rotisserie cookers! We cant thank you, the guys in the shop, and especially Ms. Laura for taking great care of us!!! Be in touch soon- As always,

              Kindest Regards,  Jon & Naomi Ledderman


Wild Flower Restaurant Chooses Cadillac Cookers!! Custom Rotisserie Smoker

          We recently had a new customer come by the shop to look at our Rotisserie Smokers. The customers name was Phil Czarnec Owner of the AMAZING Wild Flower Restaurant located at 4590 Laclede Ave, St Louis, MO 63108. They have been in business about 20 years and have honestly the best over all fine food I have ever had the pleasure to eat. Super Chefs, wonderful service and Great food. Phil along with his Wife and Co-owner of the Wild Flower have decided to open a new BBQ Restaurant directly across the street from the Wild Flower in St. Louis. When It was time to choose a Rotisserie Smoker they chose Cadillac Cookers. Phil had his own design in mind and came to speak with us about it. He wanted a Rotisserie Cooker Commercial Edition but Wanted it to look like a safe....Yes a SAFE!! After looking at sever of our smokers in different stages and talking back an forth for about a half hour, Phil placed his order and paid his down payment on the spot. We built the Rotisserie Cooker and delivered it to him and after unloading we decided to stay for a while and help Phil season his cooker and once that was done threw a few sides of ribs on to do a practice run because the next day he had to smoke enough ribs for a Promotion for the new BBQ Restaurant.... Enough for 1000 PEOPLE!!! He text me four hours after the ribs went on and his exact words were... You Freakin Killed It, this Smoker is amazing. The ribs were a HIT with all the patrons!! Proving once again Cadillac Cooker Rotisserie Cookers are the BEST!!!! I cant wait until the new Place opens i'm sure I will be there on opening day., Thanks again Phil and Tracy for choosing Cadillac Cookers. By the way they fed me and my son in The Wild Flower and treated us like celebrities!!!! Great People! You gotta try it !!