We at Cadillac Cooker rotisserie smokers and rotisserie cookers do our best to stay on top of the market by research and listening to our customers. Our goal is to build the best rotisserie smokers and rotisserie cookers ever built. To achieve this we must constantly come up with new products with super efficient fuel consumption. The less you spend on coals and wood the more you put in your pocket !

Our BBQ smokers are among the best in the world in design and functionality. This is why we and our customers are a success and most who own one of our rotisserie smokers and rotisserie cookers say their customers are in awe at the product (meat) that they are now producing.(Just Read Our Reviews)

We are proud to announce that Cadillac Cookers are producing a new line of Fully Automatic Rotisserie Smokers and Rotisserie Cookers in the fall of this year!! Our new line will include many different sizes and will be fully automatic, and better designed than any other units on the market. The reason our units will be the best is because we research.

The way we make this happen is listening to complaints from customers who own other smokers, locate design flaws and find user friendly solutions from easy cleanout to near perfectly even temps. If a Fully Automatic Rotisserie Smoker is in your future, look for the new line of Cadillac Cooker Rotisserie Smokers coming in the fall of this year!!!!

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