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About Us

We at Cadillac Cookers strive to build the best looking and best cooking stationary shelf and rotisserie smokers on the market. Unlike most BBQ builders we cut our steel on a computer controlled CNC plasma cutting machine.  To manufacture such a great product takes a lot of time and skill. Each smoker takes about 34 man hours to complete due to our high-quality standards. As you can see, ALL Cadillac Cookers have a warmer box built on the smoker to provide a place for cooked items.

This feature allows you to keep your items fresh and ready to serve for hours. Different meats require varied cooking times. The warmer box provides cooks a place to keep their cooked meats, sides, or sandwiches warm while other items are still cooking. Another great feature on the Cadillac Cooker is the storage area on the front of the trailer.  This is great for any grilling accessories required that do not exceed 450 lbs.